Project Description

ACTWin Pro

ACTWin pro is the licensed version of the sophisticated PC application for use with the ACTpro door controllers. With an attractive and easy to use graphical interface this software simplifies database management and the day-to-day administration of users and the access control system in general; the management is also aided by live reporting of the systems in an attractive and intuitive system tree configuration which mirrors the site. The ACTWin pro software currently manages and supports over 2,000 doors and 30,000 users. The ACTWin software also supports up to 1,024 usergroups which is a very efficient method for managing users, where each user is assigned to an individual user-group. A number of reports are available as standard including muster, event analysis, user tracking and time and attendance reporting. The muster report automatically generates and prints a list of all people in the building to preset printers on fire alarm activation. The software is also capable of managing offices located in different geographical areas through the use of TCP / IP. Controllers located in different time zones will report events to the software in their own local time.