Project Description

ParkIT Access Control Camera

ParkIT is an excellent choice for LPR/ANPR based access control, parking management systems.


Key features of ParkIT

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Built-in synchronized IR illumination
  • Auto day & night switching
  • Barrier control functions (trigger in – out)
  • Wall mount bracket with hidden cabling
  • Lot of supported programming languages


LetUgo is a complete end-user software application for automated vehicle access control. LetUgo is using the natively integrated ParkIT LPR camera and the Carmen Parking Digital license plate recognition software. The identification of the vehicles naturally based on their license plate number.

When a vehicle arrives to a gate controlled by LetUgo, the ParkIT camera takes pictures about this vehicle and the Carmen Parking Digital software reads its license plate. Both the pictures and the read plate number are then given to LetUgo. Based on the preset access criteria in LetUgo’s database, the software then does or does not open the gate or barrier for the vehicle to pass through.

LetUgo includes database handling for flexible vehicle registration and versatile access management. With the software you can easily manage wide variety of access criteria, such as when and where a vehicle can enter or leave from. All access data – images of passing vehicles, plate number, time stamps, etc, – are stored for later lookup, searching and reporting.

LetUgo indeed includes all that is needed for vehicle access control:

  • Automated vehicle entry of cars with registered number plates. Gate/door controlled automatically, directly by the camera.
  • Storage of all incoming/outgoing car images, plate numbers, time stamps.
  • Full audit trail of all vehicles.The system keeps record of incoming and outgoing time of each vehicle.
  • Central registration of permit holders /disabled users/ car park users. No need for access cards or codes.
  • Blacklist: Warning when unwanted car appears at the gate.
  • Easy registration of guest vehicles for given time period.
  • User and administrator access rights.
  • One PC can control up to 4 cameras.
  • Manual gate opening option from the controller PC.