Project Description

SmartLPR® Access

All-in-One Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

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SmartLPR® Access is a smart ANPR unit for car park control and security. It is designed to control the vehicle flow in accesses with barriers. It is an All-in-One automatic number plate recognition system: a single device integrates the lighting, camera, processor, inputs and outputs and the power source. SmartLPR® Access communicates by means of an Ethernet network or serial communication.

Easy Start Up Quercus First

  • Connect the network cable, the power supply, identify the unit with its corresponding IP and adjust the optics.

Wide Angle Recognition Quercus First

  • Capability of recognising the license plates of vehicles at an angle of up to 60º.

Light Adaptation Quercus First

  • Provides optimum licence plate recognition capabilities at any time of the day or night.

Multi-Country Recognition Quercus First

  • Detects the licence plates of different countries from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia.

High Reliability

  • Offers high recognition rates.