Operator: Wexford parishes
Public Spaces: 125 spaces at Rowe Street & 140 at spaces Bride Street

  • Rowe Street is controlled by a DESIGNA PM100 hourly charge system with 1 entrance, 1 exit & 1 pay station.
  • A separate contract car park is used by card holders who pay annual fees for parking.
  • Bride Street is a fixed charge system with 1 entrance and 2 exits.

Special features:

  • Telephone based intercom with link to security that look after parish affairs, security and parking
  • Special tariff developed to ensure Mass goers park free.
  • Due to town centre location of the car park spaces were not free for mass goers and no way of providing parking for funerals.
  • The fully automated system has generated revenue to pay for onsite security for the cathedral and to ensure spaces are free for Mass goers through pricing.
  • The system allows management of parking space availability for funerals.

Website: http://www.wexfordparish.com