Project Description

Blue Wall always set high standards in safety and quality, delivered though regular certified training, attendance at seminars and tool talks. Automatic gates and barrier systems are governed by European Safety Standards EN12445 and EN12453 and accordingly our latest systems are designed to fully comply with these requirements. We utilise force testers to ensure compliance and offer clients the option to review their current installations to ensure that they comply and are safe.

Our main automation product is from CAME but we design our systems using the most suitable product for the application which can involve using many other manufacturers such as Fadini, FAAC, Ditec, BFT, NICE, Automatic Systems, along with specialist safety products from ASO, BEA, Hotron and Bircher. Most of the motors we install already incorporate “Force Limitation” by use of encoders and Digital control panels and are already EN Compliant but it is the whole system that must be EN tested to comply so additional safety equipment is often required  such as safety edges. Our Blue Wall installation staff are trained in the design, installation and testing of systems to ensure compliance