Hotels, Leisure Centres, Tourist Attractions, Camping, Glamping and Caravan Sites

Our access system experience has won us projects in multiple sectors where customers have chosen us to install and maintain systems for their properties.

Blue Wall offer and service individual or linked up systems comprising:

  • TESA, ACT & Paxton barrier and door locking systems using Bluetooth or proximity keys for any access for front doors and barriers, bedrooms, meeting rooms or Glamping buildings. Systems can be operate on-line using Wi-Fi or use 4G modems to link to ACT365 and Paxton 10 Cloud Hosted software.

  • CAME, FAAC, Magnetic and DESIGNA automatic barriers and gates controlling access to parking, waste and delivery areas. Automatic systems work 24-7 and maximise security and ensure only those with access entitlements enter the premises.

  • Turnstile systems from PERCO & Automatic Systems for internal and external use. Full height turnstiles in mild and stainless steel, tripods, motorised glass gates and high-speed glass gates.

  • Tourist venues ticket readers to operate turnstiles and barriers using smart REA terminals linked to Cloud based software. REA: TICKET is a ticketing terminal specially designed for leisure applications such as stadiums, fun parks, aqua parks, fitness centres, zoo parks etc. developed to read a variety formats of barcodes, QR codes, RFID cards and wristbands.

  • “Hands Free’ and ‘Contactless” access controls using NEDAP REACH windscreen mounted tags and NEDAP TARGET long range readers, NEDAP, Quercus and HIK vision License Plate Reading Cameras, Vanderbilt and NEDAP NVite Bluetooth reading using smartphones.

  • Charge systems for parking, water, electricity, car chargers from Beckmann. Existing coin based systems can be simply upgraded to accept contactless payments without needing to change existing equipment.

  • CCTV systems using the latest Digital IP cameras from HIK, Pelco and AXIS with smart interfacing of Intercoms and alarms for intuitive use and remote viewing from smartphones.

  • Audio and Video intercoms from Vanderbilt Acuvox, BPT, Commend, Fermax, HIK and 2N using GSM, Wifi and network connectivity for barriers gates and external doors with facility to divert to mobile phones or other control rooms.

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