Hotels, Tourism & Leisure Centres

Robust well designed and easy to use systems are demanded in the fast moving environments of hotels & tourist destinations hotels.

Blue Wall offer and service individual or linked up systems comprising:

  • Kaba & Saflok door locking systems using magstripe and proximity keys for bedrooms and meeting rooms as well as back of house.

  • Public & staff charge parking using barriers or Pay & Display machines with high reliability and minimal down time.

  • CCTV systems displaying and recording older Analogue and the latest Digital IP cameras with smart interfacing of Intercoms and alarms for intuitive use.

  • Digital intercoms for access, external doors out of hours, pay stations and barriers with facility to divert to mobile phones or other control rooms.

  • Automatic barriers and gates controlling access to parking, waste and delivery areas.

  • KeyWatcher electronic key control systems that allow staff collect and return keys without requiring security to issue and record key issue.

  • GuardTour electronic system to record security checks on areas that should be locked up, keep fire escape routes safe and fire extinguishers in place.