Morse Watchmans Keywatcher

Taking today's keys into tomorrow

KeyWatcher Touch

Keep track of your facilities’ physical keys and log their use with KeyWatcher. The flexible, modular key control platform logs entry and removal of keys for fast and easy auditing. Access the electronic key control cabinet with a card reader, biometrics, or PIN. Save money on key cutting and rekeying doors by managing and tracking the keys you already have!

Tamper Proof KeyRings

Our Tamper Proof KeyRings prevent undetected key removal while making authorized key replacement easy and cost-effective. The distinctive, serialized hub design allows administrators to reuse the stainless-steel tamper-proof key ring and replace only the inexpensive plastic hub.

Smart Keys

SmartKeys are the backbone of the KeyWatcher system. Equipped with an ID chip, SmartKeys are attached to the key(s) you’d like to track. Insert or remove them from your KeyWatcher to allow your system to track their usage. Designed with a durable plastic key fob and a strong stainless-steel tamper-proof keyring, they make unauthorized key changes immediately detectable.

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