Project Description

TRS 372
Full-height Turnstile Double passage 3 sections

Full-height Turnstyles

Full-height turnstiles are mainly used externally to provide secured entrance within the perimeter protection line of a site. They offer a high level of security thanks to their full-height barrier and their different mobile obstacles.

The TRS series

The TRS full-height turnstiles consist of several models whose design and industrialization have been given special attention in order to offer an extended anti-corrosion warranty period in hostile environments.
Their uniquely mechanical operation reduces the operating costs and makes them a long-term investment. They are mainly used outdoors to secure the perimeter of industrial sites, company car parks, sports complexes and harbor and airport installations.

Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems has a wide range of products to ensure access control to your site, whether it is private, industrial or commercial… According to the rate of use, required level of security, and conditions specific to your installation, we will find the appropriate solution.