Blue Wall knows that all customers are not the same. Therefore, when it comes to service and maintenance contracts, Blue Wall tailors packages to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. Blue Wall also understands that our customers’ needs may change and that their requirements in terms of service and maintenance can also change. Blue Wall is rightly proud of our ability to change with our customers to continue to meet their requirements and expectations. This approach has enabled Blue Wall to maintain long-standing, in-depth, and truly mutually beneficial relationships with our customers over a prolonged period of time.

This mutual respect is something that Blue Wall is very confident in, and proud of, and it is this strong relationship with our customers that drives us to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. We view our customers’ issues as our issues, and believe that delivering upon our service commitments, regardless of customer size, is the most important aspect of our relationship with each and every customer.

Attention to detail means that Blue Wall maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your equipment too. Many companies simply use cleaning cards as part of the maintenance process, while Blue Wall take the mechanism apart and clean it, thus increasing the likelihood of longer life.

While the DESIGNA equipment provided by Blue Wall is widely regarded as among the most reliable on the market, as with any product, failure to carry out regular maintenance can lead to expensive breakdowns. With regular maintenance, the life expectancy of a DESIGNA Parking System can run between 7-10 years. In fact, it has been our experience that with regular maintenance, many systems can remain operational for up to 12 years.

Blue Wall also offers priority service to customers with maintenance contracts, and these are provided with a 24/7 contact facility to reach Blue Wall in the event of an issue. This gives our customers peace of mind, be it a basic or more comprehensive maintenance package.

Blue Wall’s Maintenance Contract Offerings are as follows:

Comprehensive, Parts and Labour:

This provides for a comprehensive Maintenance contract which covers all scheduled maintenance as well as all labour, all parts necessary to resolve service calls, and the repair of damaged equipment which cannot be solved or cannot be expected to be solved by car park staff. It excludes damage to equipment caused by vandalism or misuse. (See terms and conditions for complete list)

Comprehensive Labour:

This provides for a comprehensive labour contract which covers all scheduled maintenance, as well as all labour to resolve service calls and all labour to repair damaged equipment which cannot be solved or cannot be expected to be solved by car park staff. A charge will apply for any parts used during the term of this contract. It excludes the labour necessary to repair damage to equipment caused by vandalism or misuse. (See terms and conditions for complete list)

Maintenance Only:

This provides for a Maintenance only contract which covers all labour for scheduled quarterly maintenance.