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The IXP20 range consists of two products and meets the requirements of one to eight door applications, incorporating full stand alone and independent functionality.


AES 128 bit encryption and Diffie Hellman Key-Exchange.
2 Models:

  • Touch – One to eight door system with full colour graphics Touch Screen.
  • Net – One to eight door system with TCP/IP for internet communication or direct to PC.
  • Onboard web application with no need for software.
  • Built on standard iTRT (Wiegand compatible) or iTT (Antenna) base.
  • Complete upgrade path into IXP220 and IXP400i systems by simply adding a system controller and downgrading the IXP20 Controller to a door controller.

All systems support:

  • Full standalone/independent capability.
  • 10 to 30 V DC input power.
  • Each door provides Door Open Sensor and Request To Exit inputs.
  • Fully intelligent, specific Tag editing.
  • Multiple door mode patterns.
  • Onboard reporting.
Technical Support