DESIGNA VoIP – Voice over IP . offers an integrated, economic and efficient solution for the communication in a Car Park Management System.


  • Fully integrated in PM ABACUS
  • No additional wiring required between VoIP Central and field devices
  • Visual indication of incoming calls directly at the terminal icon
  • Call forwarding to external numbers (land line or mobile)
  • Display of all Intercom activity at the system message screen
  • Operation of system via Main Station
  • IP Telephone serves as Main Station
  • Dry contact for function activation at field device (e.g. .open barrier. or .issue lost ticket.)
  • Web-based reporting of intercom activity (e.g. average call duration, average call waiting time)


System Overview


  • The field device communicates with the VoIP Central over Ethernet.
  • Operation of system via Main Station.
  • When pressing the Info button at the terminal, intercom call is established with VoIP Central. The incoming call is displayed at the WinOperate terminal icon and appears in the system message screen.
  • Accept incoming call at Main Station. The connected call is displayed at the terminal icon.
  • Calls are ended at the Main Station.
  • All incoming calls, accepted calls and ended calls are shown in system message screen.
Technical Support