ParkCharge is the most comprehensive ticketless parking management platform on offer to the parking industry. ParkCharge was developed by Advam in partnership with the world’s leading suppliers of car park access control systems and has since its inception, evolved into the standard in ticketless parking.


Online Registration

New users are able to create a ParkCharge account online, nominate their preferred identifier for accessing the car park and enjoy the convenience of parking without having to physically queue at traditional car park payment kiosks.



Registered users are identified on entry and exit through a range of identification media including RFID Tag, Vehicle License Plate and Barcode. For pre-paid users, the parking fee is automatically debited from the balance on their ParkCharge account whilst approved post-pay users are charged in arrears for where accrued parking fees are debited against a nominated credit card or savings account. ParkCharge also offers support for permanent parkers who wish to pay in advance for a fixed term.

Eliminate Tickets

ParkCharge eliminates the need for costly paper tickets which litter our streets and our parks as well as harm our wildlife and contribute to the destruction of our precious forests.


Reduce CO2 Emissions

In addition to delivering increased convenience to the consumer and financial benefits to the car park operator, ParkCharge is one of the most important developments in the fight against carbon emissions. By improving traffic flow, ParkCharge reduces vehicle queues and vehicle idle time within the car park both of which being major contributors
to carbon emissions.



Know your Customer

ParkCharge allows operators to get know their customers and provides increased visibility into customer behaviour and needs for the purpose of structuring and delivering a better customer experience.


Multichannel Access

ParkCharge is a multichannel platform which offers the user the convenience of 24×7 access to the ParkCharge system for such functions as managing the user’s ParkCharge profile, for completing one-off balance top-ups, for viewing and downloading electronic statement and for lodging support requests.
Users are able to access ParkCharge via the browser on their desktop PC, from a mobile tablet, from a smart phone, and by calling an automated phone service (IVR).


Web Administration

ParkCharge operators will benefit from the convenience of a web based administration console for carrying out such tasks as creating and modifying parking products and tariffs, for reporting and reconciliation, and for managing internal users and customers alike.


Minimum Investment

Deploying ParkCharge is as simple as provisioning appropriate internet access at the car park and installing the identification media for the purpose of identifying ParkCharge users at entry and exit.




ParkCharge is one of the most important developments in the fight against carbon emissions. By improving traffic flow, ParkCharge reduces vehicle queues and vehicle idle time within the car park both of which being major contributors to carbon emissions.



A key benefit of ParkCharge is its ability to interface to existing car park access control systems to deliver the operator a fully integrated solution. This insures operators are able to leverage their existing infrastructure to offer the consumer the best possible experience whilst benefiting from such functionality as consolidated reporting and inventory management.
Operators are also able to deploy ParkCharge as a fully integrated service where the
tariff is managed from within the car park access control system or as a standalone
solution where the tariff is managed within ParkCharge.


Maximum Return

ParkCharge helps extend the life of access control equipment by reducing wear and tear
associated with high volumes of cash payments and paper ticket validations. In addition, operators stand to realise significant cost savings through reduced cash handing activity and by reducing the number of payment kiosks due to lower utilisation.


Loyalty & Retention

ParkCharge offers a comprehensive loyalty module which allows the operator to structure and offer powerful loyalty programs to ensure retention and encourage new business. Loyalty programs may be entirely in-house or in partnership with third party affiliates such as airlines and major retail chains.


Flexible Tariff Engine

ParkCharge offers a flexible tariff engine that allows operators to offer a wide ranging set of
pricing packages to cater for such factors as peak and off peak periods of activity, for such
seasonal events as public and religious holiday as well as one off cultural and sporting events.


24×7 Support

ParkCharge users will enjoy 24×7 support via email and phone and take comfort in the
knowledge that the ParkCharge support team will always include first, second and third level support on hand.


Next Day Funding

Operators participating in the ParkCharge service will enjoy next business day funding into
preferred bank account. This removes cash-flow concerns and ensures the operator is able to nominate the financial institution that is the best fit for their business.


Peace of Mind

ParkCharge is compliant with the most stringent of regulatory standards including PCI DSS and any other banking and Card Scheme regulation that aims to deliver increased security to the payment industry and peace of mind to the end consumer.


Technical Support