Operator: Progressive Parking

Retail Spaces: 79,000 sq. metres. There are more than 100 shops, over 40 restaurants and coffee shops, a cinema complex, a 200 seat theatre, a bar and a nightclub.

Start-Up: 2005

Spaces: 3400 spaces set on 7 levels, 6 of which are underground.


  • Total 77 terminals
  • 10 Entrance lanes with ANPR & Nedap tag readers
  • 10 Exit lanes with ANPR & Nedap tag readers
  • 24 Automatic Pay Stations with credit card acceptance and TFT screens
  • 1 Manual Cash register
  • Special features:
  • Advam On-Line credit card reading.
  • Number plate tracking to identify car locations and how long a car is parked in case of lost tickets.
  • Commend Digital intercom.
  • Parking space identifier system using Shick and providing internal guidance to find parking easily.
  • Compact Control room design with 3 customer service workstations with integrated CCTV, ANPR
  • Tesco Voucher system to discount customer parking.

Website: www.dundrum.ie

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