Project Description

PMD 337
Reduced-mobility-compliant swing gate Matching PNG 382-392

Swing gates offer standardized access for the evacuation of buildings in the event of an emergency and/or a wider walkway for people with reduced mobility and for service personnel. These gates are used inside buildings in many market segments such as industry, service, leisure, administration, banks, insurance, airports and museums…

The PMD series

The PMD swing gates are used in conjunctions with the PNG portals. They are similar in design, thus allowing an esthetically-pleasing uniformity when installed in a battery. This product range is composed of several motorized models and offers single or bi-directional passage.

Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems has a wide range of products to ensure access control to your site, whether it is private, industrial or commercial… According to the rate of use, required level of security, and conditions specific to your installation, we will find the appropriate solution.